Katherine Wolf Webb, 2020 Juror

Born in Charlotte, raised in NC and GA, Katherine was always creative. Watercolor as soon as she was given a paintbox, interior design at 8, sewing at 9, music, always design projects, painting in various media, sculpture both carving and building, teepees, mazes, hideouts …designing/making jewelry, and on and on. She went on to earn a BA from Hollins College and to spend a year at the Sorbonne in Paris, soaking up European culture.
She describes her “adult years” as, “did the ‘father knows best’ thing,” being the perfect wife and mother to a wonderful husband and 3 miraculously smart well-adjusted sons who married smart well-adjusted women … who have produced impossibly intelligent and loving offspring! Am I lucky or what! Total frustration during the ‘father knows best’ period as there simply wasn’t time to do ‘my’ thing, but I did always have a table, a corner, a closet somewhere to laughingly call a studio.
Now I’m ‘working’ … ecstatically, full time. And loving it! Don’t call! I’m busy!”
Artist’s Statement:
“Art as defined in the dictionary is ‘…the human effort to imitate, supplement, alter or counteract the work of nature.’
“My work, my art, my creativity reveals itself in the way I live, the way I work, the way I play, the way I grieve and the way I express to the world who I am; It is my life and my heart.
“It manifests in paper, plastic, paint, canvas, metal, or earth; tangible materials for intangible ideas.”